Who we are

We are a drone and data analytics startup that helps African farmers detect and mitigate crop disease while providing actionable data to maximize their crop output.

Upshore Robotics was founded to improve food production and create employment in Africa. Every year, sub-Saharan Africa loses 15 – 35 metric tons of food to crop diseases and pests. When pests and pathogens attack crops, they alter their chlorophyll pigmentation, making them loose their ability to absorb energy from the sun which they need to produce food and oxygen. By using photosynthetic sensors to monitor plants during sunlight, we are able to detect chlorophyll alterations in plants and the causative organisms responsible for the disease using machine learning algorithms that identifies the organisms from a data pool with precise accuracy.

Our mission

We exist to help farmers detect and mitigate crop disease while maximizing their crop output.

Our Vision

To increase food production and youth employment by 25% in 2030.

Our Core Values

1. Put our community first 

2. Maintain our integrity and dignity at all times

3. Set crazy big goals and make them happen

4. Sustain development through innovation

5. Be open to give and receive feedback—and most importantly, work on them

6. Inspire a boundless future of work for Africans

7. Maintain our culture of continuous learning and creative collaboration

8. Embrace diversity as a tool for development

9. Deliver utmost excellence in terms of value, technical quality and service